Scholarships do not simply fall into a student’s lap. It takes time and effort to find scholarships that students may be eligible for. It is important to be prepared and allow ample time when applying for scholarships as often they require letters of reference, transcripts, or a personal reflection. Here are some tips on how to be prepared for applying for scholarships.

 There are three main types of scholarships:

 1) Community Scholarships

Guidance offices are often notified about community scholarships, which we make available to students through the Regina Public Schools website. This list is not comprehensive, and students are encouraged to search out additional scholarship opportunities.

 2) Institution Specific Scholarships

Every post-secondary institution has their own entrance scholarships. It is important to look at the institutions you are applying or have been accepted to so that you do not miss out.

 3) F.W. Johnson Internal Scholarships

 The following are the scholarships available to graduating students and are subject to change from year to year. Final scholarship information will be made available in the spring of each year when the application form is made available. Watch student announcements and Edsby for information and deadlines.

 Caine Miller Scholarship ($1000)

Caine Miller graduated from F.W. Johnson in 2018. This scholarship is in his honour and the following selection criteria is representative of his time at Johnson.

  • Heavily involved in diverse activities during their time at Johnson Collegiate. The student should have a high Involvement/Activity points total (as tallied by the school based on activities students were involved in during their time at Johnson)
  • Passionate about F.W. Johnson and the people in it
  • Shows a passion for reading and writing
  • Student should be in strong academic standing with an average between 70-79%.
  • Preference will be given to a student who is not known to be receiving any other awards
  • Will continue to better themselves after graduation by enrolling in any type of schooling (university, technical institute, regional college, trade-based training program)

 F.W. Johnson Staff Recognition Scholarship ($TBD)

  • Award amount will not exceed $500 and amount may be split between multiple winners
  • Student who is a responsible citizen
  • Possesses leadership qualities
  • Has achieved academic success
  • Preference may be given to a student who is not known to be receiving another award
  • Registered in a post-secondary institution for the fall

 FWJ Trust Scholarship ($1000)

  • Demonstrates the qualities of the F.W. Johnson motto
  • Significant contribution to F.W. Johnson Collegiate
  • Registered at a Canadian University as a full-time student

 My Life Matters-Haven's Legacy Scholarship ($250)

  • Registered in a post-secondary institution for the fall
  • Applicant must submit a longer personal statement/ essay on one of the following topics:
  1. What obstacles/challenges have you had to overcome to get where you are today?
  2. What have you learned from overcoming your challenges, and how will you use your experiences in future endeavours?
  3. Everyone’s situation in life is unique, we all matter because we are all created equal. How does your life matter?

 Regina Board of Education Scholarship ($500)

  • Register in the Faculty of Education at a Canadian University
  • Minimum Grade 12 average of 75%
  • Qualities that contribute to success in teaching

 Central Collegiate Scholarship ($1000)

  • High potential for post-secondary success
  • Significant contribution to school and/or community
  • Registered at a Canadian post-secondary institution as a full-time student

 Wayne E. Apostle Memorial Scholarship ($500)

  • Minimum average of 75%
  • Must attend post-secondary institution in fall or winter immediately following Grade 12 year
  • Must have contributed to the extra-curricular program at F.W.J. or have been involved in the F.W.J. Fine Arts program

 Division Scholarships

The scholarship selection committee will select the candidate(s) from F.W. Johnson. The winner will be chosen by Regina Public Schools senior administration.

 MURIEL S READ SCHOLARSHIP ($2000) (Additional Application form required and made available every spring)

  • Not less than 6 years attendance in the Regina Public School System
  • Academic standing for Grade 12 of not less than 85% average
  • Intention to take or registered for a full class load in either Education or Humanities at the University of Regina or the University of Saskatchewan
  • Demonstrated commitment to extracurricular activities, community involvement, or an established musical talent
  • One of the two annual scholarships shall be based on, or substantial consideration given to, financial need.
  • Must be entering 4-year degree program in either Education or Humanities at the University of Regina or the University of Saskatchewan
  • If the recipient maintains an overall academic average of not less than 75%, and a full course load is maintained, another $1500 is available for the next three years

*NOTE: There is one award for the entire school division*


  • The intent of this award is to provide financial help to deserving students in furthering their education with the aim of developing leaders
  • The recipient can be attending any accredited educational institution in the world
  • The recipient is a Canadian citizen or have landed immigrant status
  • That it be based on academic excellence and extra-curricular activities for the last two years leading to graduation
  • A student will be nominated for this award based on their PERSONAL NOTE that is part of this application

*NOTE: There is one award for the entire school division*

 Isabel Bailey Appreciation Scholarship ($2000) (Additional Application form required and made available every spring)

  • Must be registered to enter the Faculty of Education or Pre-Education at the University of Regina or University of Saskatchewan with a major in Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology or General Science.

The student receiving the scholarship will have demonstrated the following:

  • The student is a joy to teach
  • Minimum average of 75 percent
  • Volunteer at school, church, community or charitable organization
  • Outstanding performance in sports or drama does not give special recognition, but does not eliminate recognition


  • 40% - Grades
  • 40% - Citizenship and Character, including volunteerism
  • 20% - Financial need, have overcome adversity
  • A bonus of 5% would be given to a student from Scott Collegiate

This scholarship requires the student to submit:

  • Two reference letters – one from your school and one from a community leader
  • Student letter stating goals

*NOTE: There is one award for the entire school division*