A Reputation of Excellence with Fortitude, Wisdom, and Justice

F.W. Johnson Collegiate is located in and serves the eastern communities of Regina. Our school enrolment is approximately 520 students. FWJ offers a range of extra-curricular opportunities, in addition to its curricular offerings, to promote student involvement and growth. Our values of fortitude, wisdom, and justice, FWJ embraces the Shared Values of the Regina Public Schools - I Belong. I Want to Know. I Respect. I am Responsible.


School Programs and Services

F.W. Johnson Collegiate offers an array of courses to meet the requirements of a Saskatchewan High School Diploma. Our compulsory subjects combined with a range of electives allow students to explore their interests. To support the success of each student, teachers make the necessary adjustments to accommodate varied learning needs. We believe that a collaborative approach is necessary if we are to be successful - teachers working collaboratively with other teachers, with students, and with parents.


F.W. Johnson Collegiate promotes high academic achievement and the pursuit of life-long learning within a safe and caring environment. We continually strive to improve academic standings through the establishment of yearly goals developed by the staff and in consultation with our School Community Council. Students at FWJ enroll in up to five classes each semester. Each day is divided into 61 minute instructional periods and a 15 minute Student Advisory (JAG).


F.W. Johnson Collegiate offers the following specialized programs and services:


English as an Additional Language Program

EAL is a program to support students who have a first language other than English. F. W. Johnson Collegiate has two full time teachers assigned to the EAL program. Students receive instruction and support in all curricular areas. As well, the EAL teachers support classroom teachers in making the necessary classroom accommodations for student success.


Learning Resource Program

The Learning Resource Teachers provide consultative and direct service to students. They collaboratively complete Intensive Needs forms, develop Inclusion and Intervention Plans, develop Records of Adaptations, support teachers in making adaptations, monitor students’ progress, provide tutorial services, as well as providing consultative services.


Vocational Alternative Program

The Vocational Alternative Program is a congregated program for students who require specialized academic and social supports. The goal is developing life skills that promote student independence as they complete their high school experience.


Functional Integrated Academic Program

The Functional Integrated Academic Program, or FIAP, are individualized programs that supports students in gaining independence, personal and social well-being, and communication and safety skills. These programs are dedicated to inclusion, a comprehensive understanding of students’ individual strengths and needs, and outcomes that are authentic to the students’ lives. Placement in a FIAP program is a decision based on consultation with family and assessments of the student.

Supportive Environment Program

The Supportive Environment Program is a school division offering for students who require specialized social supports. The goal is to develop life skills while following regular Grade 9 to 12 curricula.


Modified Programming

This programming addresses the needs of students who follow the 11/21/31 curriculum stream within a regular classroom setting. Teacher support is available to ensure academic success.


Transition Room Program

Credit completion, credit recovery, individualized programming, and module based programming are options provided through the Transition Room.


STEAM  Program

The STEAM Academy focuses on fostering creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration by integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics into the curriculum.  The STEAM Academy is a four-year high school program at F.W. Johnson Collegiate that is open to all Regina Public Schools students.