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FOR NEW STUDENTS:  There will be a meeting on Monday, March 21 at 3:20 in the LibraryYou must attend this meeting if you plan on taking Driver Education Plan to be there until 5:00 p.m.

Semester 2 Term 1 Honour Roll

Congratulations to the 199 Wildcats on this term's Honour Roll.

Adam C

Colter R

Janvi B

Mason B

Riley K

Adhnan A

Colton H

Jasiah S

Mathew S

Ruth W

Aisha C

Colton H

Jayden G

Matthew H

Ryan S

Aleena M

Cory H

Jayson M

Matthew M

Samantha P

Alicia S

Curtis F

Jenna W

Matthew W

Samsam M

Alyssa B

Cydney W

Jesse F

Matthew W

Sarah D

Alyssa H

Damian B

Jessica F

Melina A

Sasha S

Alyssa W

Darian F

Jisong M

Melissa K

Saurav M

Amber L

Daryll M

John T

Meranda H

Savanna P

Andre A

Deepa R

Johnathon M

Mercedes R

Sawvonah B

Ashley P

Delainey S

Jordan S

Michael M

Shaylena K

Azariah L

Derrell P

Joshua V

Michael Z

Shgufah F

Bao C

Desha D

Karuna S

Michelle D

Shiann L

Baylee A

Destiny B

Kayla S

Miles K

Shree D

Be'Lana D

Devin L

Khai N

Mishel M

Sonia A

Bishnu K

Devon M

Kloie W

Mofasshal H

Spencer L

Blake C

Dmytro K

Komal A

Mohamed A

Stephanie M

Blake F

Douglas-James C

Kyle W

Morgan T

Stephen W

Breanne L

Duncan C

Larissa S

Muhammad A

Su O

Brendan Y

Dylan C

Laura M

Nafeesa M

Sumitra S

Brianna Z

Dylan D

Lauren W

Naraya M

Sydney T

Brianne H

Elcherish D

Leah B

Nathaniel T

Tanisha S

Brody R

Emily D

Lee K

Nicholas B

Taylor D

Brooke S

Fahdi A

Lilian A

Nicholas V

Taylor T

Brooke W

Fatima A

Lisa H

Nikola L

Tayven G

Brooklyn C

Gurinder B

Logan K

Niomi E

Timonthy G

Brooklyn K

Haden R

LoneEagle C

Niomi G

Treyton E

Caine M

Hailee R

Lorynnel D

Noah M

Tristan M

Caitlynn L

Hannah B

Lucas W

Omer J

Tyler K

Callum W

Hannah F

Lucia B

Orion M

Vandna R

Carly H

Hannah M

Lukas C

Pabitra T

Vicktyr A

Casey H

Helen P

Lynden W

Padma N

Xinlu Y

Chandra R

Hongxing X

Mackenzie M

Paige K

Yinsheng H

Chantel G

Hudson G

Madison G

Patrik G

Yitian L

Chase W

Hunter M

Makayla M

Pyardeep D

Yiyang L

Chelsea B

Isaac M

Makyla M

Quincy R

Yizhan H

Cheyenne R

Isaak E

Mariah L

Quinn M

Zakari S

Cindy C

Jaafar A

Marika C

Raniya N

Zi C

Colby J

Jack D

Marwa J

Reanne D

Zoe R

Colin T

James S

Mary P

Richard N

Riley K

Junior Boys Advance to City Finals!

Come cheer on the Junior Boys Basketball Team as they play Regina Christian School in City Finals.

The game starts at 8:00 at Campbell Collegiate.


A fan bus will be available for students.  Please sign up in the office by noon Monday.  

Cost is $3/game and $1/bus.  

Wildcat Wrestlers Win!

Congratulations to follow Wildcats for their wrestling achievements at Cities:

Nate T. 3rd

Matt W. 3rd

Jett B. 4 th

Zohaib A. 4 th

Damian R. 2nd

Carter A.  4th

Mackenzie B. 3rd

Hannah M. 2nd


Tatianna R. 2nd


Good luck to those competing at Provincials!

Junior Boys Play-off Game

Come cheer on the Junior Boys Basketball team as they play Greenall tonight at 8:00 at Johnson!



February Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to the 80 Wildcats with perfect attendance in February

and the 6 Wildcats with perfect attendance this year.


Day of Pink

Thanks to the Supporters for planning a wonderful Day of Pink and to J.D. for the Compliment Cookie Campaign!



Forms for registration are available in the office.  There is no date when the next session will begin.

Semester 1 Honour Roll

Congratulations to the 189 Wildcats on the Honour Roll for Semester 1!

January Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to the 129 Wildcats with perfect attendance in January

and the 18 Wildcats with perfect attendance in Semester 1.

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