Good Food Box

FW Johnson is now participating in the Good Food Box Program (operated by REACH Regina) as a site to place and pick up orders. The Good Food Box makes food more accessible and affordable. The boxes generally have six standard produce items: potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, apples, oranges, and bananas. The food boxes range from $12.50 to $21.50, which is 30-50% cheaper than what you’d pay in a grocery store. Ordering is easy and picking up is even easier. 


To participate, fill out a new customer form and return it to the office at FW Johnson, with an order form and exact change (cash only). 




February 27

March 4

March 12

March 18

March 26

April 1


F. W. Johnson Food Box is coordinated by nursing students.  Any questions, please email:  Responses will only be available Thursdays and Fridays.