A Reputation of Excellence with Fortitude, Wisdom, and Justice

What does Fortitude, Wisdom and Justice have in common with F.W. Johnson? 

The school was named after the Honourable Frederick W Johnson, former Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan.  It is his initials that tie-in with Fortitude, Wisdom and Justice.

Fortitude – the strength of character that enables you to face difficult situations with courage.

Wisdom – the ability to intelligently apply what you have learned.

Justice – the quality of being fair and honourable in all your relations with your fellowman and woman

F.W. Johnson Collegiate is located in and serves the eastern communities of Regina. Our school enrolment is approximately 520 students. FWJ offers a range of extra-curricular opportunities, in addition to its curricular offerings, to promote student involvement and growth. Our values of Fortitude, Wisdom, and Justice embraces the Shared Values of the Regina Public Schools - I Belong. I Want to Know. I Respect. I am Responsible.