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Grad Parent Meeting - April 13th

Reminder:  there will be a grad parent meeting on Wednesday, April 13th at 7 pm in the auditorium.

At this meeting, families will receive information regarding the graduation celebration.

It would be great if a parent/guardian and the graduate could attend.

Snow Science Fun

Ms. Buisson inspecting Ms. Trakalo's period 2 and 3 Science 10 students' quinzee.



Wildcat Wake-A-Thon

The F.W. Johnson Collegiate Smooth Transitions Core and SRC

are proud to announce the first annual


Students are collecting pledges (minimum $50) to stay up for 24 hours as a fundraising effort. Students will spend their 24 hours at F. W. Johnson participating in various activities and challenges to keep them energized and entertained! All monies raised will go towards supporting Smooth Transitions initiatives at F. W. Johnson. One of the major initiatives is a three-day Outdoor School. 




 See attachment for a copy of the pledge form.


Wildcats in the News

On March 21, Johnson celebrated another wonderful Diversity Day.  

Thanks to all the staff and students who helped make it a success.

(Photo: Leader-Post)


Read more about it here and view more pictures here.


SCC Payment

SCC appeals for your voluntary $5 fee to support our school

The School Community Council provides valuable support to F.W. Johnson’s Learning Improvement Plan, programs, and activities. We are currently facing a funding shortfall and we need your help.

Many school families have not contributed the $5 fee to the SCC.  Last year, only 68 families in our school paid the optional $5; in past years, we received fees from over 200 families.

Without your contributions, we are not able to effectively support our school community and the school’s Learning Improvement Plan. We may need to consider fundraising events; a change we think will be unpopular. It is not too late to make the suggested $5 payment … please reconsider and stop by the school office or click Online Payments to log in and make your payment.  Thank you to those of you who have contributed already! 

SCC Executive



Happy Pi Day

Ms. Rosenkranz and her class celebrating Pi Day!


Semester 2 Term 1 Honour Roll

Congratulations to the 199 Wildcats on this term's Honour Roll.

Adam C

Colter R

Janvi B

Mason B

Riley K

Adhnan A

Colton H

Jasiah S

Mathew S

Ruth W

Aisha C

Colton H

Jayden G

Matthew H

Ryan S

Aleena M

Cory H

Jayson M

Matthew M

Samantha P

Alicia S

Curtis F

Jenna W

Matthew W

Samsam M

Alyssa B

Cydney W

Jesse F

Matthew W

Sarah D

Alyssa H

Damian B

Jessica F

Melina A

Sasha S

Alyssa W

Darian F

Jisong M

Melissa K

Saurav M

Amber L

Daryll M

John T

Meranda H

Savanna P

Andre A

Deepa R

Johnathon M

Mercedes R

Sawvonah B

Ashley P

Delainey S

Jordan S

Michael M

Shaylena K

Azariah L

Derrell P

Joshua V

Michael Z

Shgufah F

Bao C

Desha D

Karuna S

Michelle D

Shiann L

Baylee A

Destiny B

Kayla S

Miles K

Shree D

Be'Lana D

Devin L

Khai N

Mishel M

Sonia A

Bishnu K

Devon M

Kloie W

Mofasshal H

Spencer L

Blake C

Dmytro K

Komal A

Mohamed A

Stephanie M

Blake F

Douglas-James C

Kyle W

Morgan T

Stephen W

Breanne L

Duncan C

Larissa S

Muhammad A

Su O

Brendan Y

Dylan C

Laura M

Nafeesa M

Sumitra S

Brianna Z

Dylan D

Lauren W

Naraya M

Sydney T

Brianne H

Elcherish D

Leah B

Nathaniel T

Tanisha S

Brody R

Emily D

Lee K

Nicholas B

Taylor D

Brooke S

Fahdi A

Lilian A

Nicholas V

Taylor T

Brooke W

Fatima A

Lisa H

Nikola L

Tayven G

Brooklyn C

Gurinder B

Logan K

Niomi E

Timonthy G

Brooklyn K

Haden R

LoneEagle C

Niomi G

Treyton E

Caine M

Hailee R

Lorynnel D

Noah M

Tristan M

Caitlynn L

Hannah B

Lucas W

Omer J

Tyler K

Callum W

Hannah F

Lucia B

Orion M

Vandna R

Carly H

Hannah M

Lukas C

Pabitra T

Vicktyr A

Casey H

Helen P

Lynden W

Padma N

Xinlu Y

Chandra R

Hongxing X

Mackenzie M

Paige K

Yinsheng H

Chantel G

Hudson G

Madison G

Patrik G

Yitian L

Chase W

Hunter M

Makayla M

Pyardeep D

Yiyang L

Chelsea B

Isaac M

Makyla M

Quincy R

Yizhan H

Cheyenne R

Isaak E

Mariah L

Quinn M

Zakari S

Cindy C

Jaafar A

Marika C

Raniya N

Zi C

Colby J

Jack D

Marwa J

Reanne D

Zoe R

Colin T

James S

Mary P

Richard N

Riley K

Junior Boys Advance to City Finals!

Come cheer on the Junior Boys Basketball Team as they play Regina Christian School in City Finals.

The game starts at 8:00 at Campbell Collegiate.


A fan bus will be available for students.  Please sign up in the office by noon Monday.  

Cost is $3/game and $1/bus.  

Wildcat Wrestlers Win!

Congratulations to follow Wildcats for their wrestling achievements at Cities:

Nate T. 3rd

Matt W. 3rd

Jett B. 4 th

Zohaib A. 4 th

Damian R. 2nd

Carter A.  4th

Mackenzie B. 3rd

Hannah M. 2nd


Tatianna R. 2nd


Good luck to those competing at Provincials!

Junior Boys Play-off Game

Come cheer on the Junior Boys Basketball team as they play Greenall tonight at 8:00 at Johnson!



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