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Final Exam Schedule


Monday June 19  Tuesday June 20  Wednesday June 21  Thursday June 22  
 P1 Exam - 9:00  P2 Exam - 9:00  P4 Exam - 9:00  P5 Exam - 9:00  
   P3 Exam - 1:09      


CRP Exam Schedule

 Tuesday June 20th  P2/P3 exam: all day.   10am-3pm

Wednesday June 21st: P4/P5 exam: all day.   10am-3pm

Thursday June 22nd: No CRP exam.



CRP busses will pick up students usual time in the am and return the usual time in the pm.  NO BUSSES WILL RUN AT NOON TO DROP OFF OR PICK UP.

Mini-Tipi Raising

FWJ students participating in the mini-tipi raising contest.



Internal Scholarships - DATE CHANGE

Thank you Postcard Portables

A big thank you to Kyle Moffat and Postcard Portables for our new sign.  It looks great!


WorkSafe Grade 9 “Try a Career” Day

Students in grade 9 participated in the WorkSafe Grade 9 "Try a Career" Day on May 10th. 

Thanks to the staff who supervised students during a morning of hands-on learning.



Provincial Champs

Congratulations to the members of the 3 on 3 Basketball team who won the Play United Provincial Championship on Saturday.



Twelfth Year Winners

Congratulations to Adhnan, Curtis, Riley and Melissa, the recipients of this year's Twelfth Year Awards.  

The Twelfth Year Awards recognize exemplary students in each of Regina's high schools.  




Java Jams



Wildcat Wake A Thon!

The Wake A Thon is coming!

Friday May 5th 6 p.m to 8 a.m.

GRAND PRIZE - 32G Wifi Compatible iPad

-For every $10 you raise above $50, your name gets entered into the draw. (Example, if you raise $70 you get 2 entries) -Special thanks to Neufeld Law Corporation (& Mr. Neufeld) for the donation of this amazing prize!!!

You don’t want to miss out on all the fun ahead!


Some exciting things coming to the Wake-A-Thon...

Wheelhouse Cycle Club - spin bike challenges!!!

Rock N’ Roll Joust Inflatable Bounce House Movie Room Games Room Epic whole-school Hide & Seek, Capture the Flag ..and more but you have to come to find out!


-Minimum $50 raised to participate, but the more you raise the better!

-If you raise $85 you get a Wake-A-Thon Survivor T-shirt -For every $10 you raise above $50, your name gets entered into the grand prize draw.


-Forms & Money due to Ms. Rosenkranz by Thursday May 4, 2017.


Let’s beat last year’s amount of $7500!

-Raise $10,000 and you can pie Mr. Leier & Ms. Rosenkranz -Raise $12,000 and Mr. Leier will shave his head (Be some of the top fundraisers, and you can be the ones to do it!) -Raise $15,000 and Ms. Rosenkranz will get a Johnson tattoo of some sort! In front of the whole school even maybe?!




April Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to the 74 Wildcats with perfect attendance in April and the 4 Wildcats who have had perfect attendance year to date.

Abraham S

Aditi M

Anthony T

Ashley P

Baylee A

Blake C

Chandra R

Chantel G

Chasity G

Chelsea B

Cindy C

Colby K

Dalaynie F

Elcherish D

Eli R

Emma S

Emma W

Eric H

Evan T

Fahman A

Gabriel V

Gage B

Govinda K

Hannah F

Harmanpreet K

Jacob P

Jamila A

Jay G

Jessica F

Jieying L

Jordan M

Joshua V

Joshua W

Josiah T

Jullianna B

Kaleb D

Karan C

Karl R

Karuna S

Kevin R

Keyan D

Khai T

Leslie U

Lydia N

Marina S

Mason B

Matthew H

Matthew L

Matthew T

Matthew W

MiKayla K

Nathan W

Navdeep S

Navneet  B

Nicklaus H

Nikola L

Oriah A

Rhys C

Richard N

Riley H

Sadik S

Sarah D

Saurav M

Shiann L

Shon M

Stina U

Sunehpreet K

Tyrell F

Tysen H

Tyson H

Veronica H

Vicktyr A

Xin L

Yizhan H


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