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Perfect Attendance September 2017

Congratulations to the 157 Wildcats with perfect attendance in September!


Abraham S

Alexa K

Alexander D

Alexander W

Alyssa M

Alyssa R

Amie U

Andre S

Andrew M

Angela D

Anika A

Anisa M

Anmoalpreet S

Annika B

Anthony N

Anthony T

Aya S

Baylee A

Braedyn M

Breanne L

Brooke W

Calvin D

Carly H

Carson H

Carter H

Chandra R

Chantel G

Chaoyang Z

Chasity G

Chelsea B

Cindy C

Colby K

Colin T

Colton H

Cyric J

Dalaynie F

Dalia C

Dawson H

Desteny D

Devin L

Devstin R

Dillon C

Douglas-James C

Duncan C

Dylan D

Eli R

Emily D

Emily L

Emily S

Emma W

Eric M

Fahman A

Gavin S

Govinda K

Gunakhar D

Hailey R

Haley C

Hannah M

Harmanpreet K

Isabella S

Jack D

Jackson H

Jacob P

Jamieson N

Jamila A

Jay G

Jessica B

Jessica F

Jiayi L

Jieying L

Jonah H

Jordan M

Jordan W

Jullianna B

Kaden C

Kali P

Karuna S

Keiles B

Keller W

Keon T

Kevin R

Khai N

Khai T

Kiara Z

Kryztel M

Kyle W

Laura M

Lee K

Leslie U

Liam W

Lydia N

Lynden W

Makaela S

Marsha V

Mason R

Mathew S

Matthew L

Matthew S

Matthew T

Matthew W

Matthew W

Melina A

Miao Q

Michelle D

Moyesh T

Nandini T

Narayan M

Nataya A

Nathan B

Nathan S

Nathan V

Nicholas H

Nicholas V

Nick C

Nikhil S

Nikola L

Oriah A

Phoenix B

Precious D

Purnima A

Rashawn T

Ravneet D

Rebecca M

Rebekah T

Richard N

Ridley B

Ruixiang Z

Runheng L

Saja D

Samantha P

Sania A

Saran R

Saurav M

Savanna P

Serenden W

Shiann L

Sonny K

Spencer L

Stacey C

Stina U

Sunehpreet K

Taylor D

Taylor T

Thanh N

Tshering T

Tyrese W

Tysen H

Tyson P

Vincent W

Westley H

Xiangying L

Yashvi L

Yiyang L

Yunxiang K

Yuting L

Zackery H

Zi C




Wildcat Football

Come cheer on the team as they play Sheldon Thurday at 5:15 at Leibel Field.  


School Zone Safety

Please watch this reminder on school zone safety.  




Smudging in Schools


What is Smudging?

Smudging is a cleansing ceremony practiced by Indigenous peoples;

People smudge certain regalia, such as drums, themselves, room/area, and other items;

Participation in smudging is voluntary – if you do not wish to or are unable to

participate in smudging, you may step back or not stand up.

One or more of the natural plant medicines are burned: Tobacco, Cedar, Sage, and Sweet grass;

Smudging happens when hosting an Aboriginal community event, meeting and/or inviting Elder(s)/Knowledge Keepers or Aboriginal artist(s) to schools;

Why is a Smudging Conducted?

To bring about a sense of grounding, direction and connection;

To see, feel, think and act with clarity;

To help create a positive mindset;

To cleanse/purify a person, place or object of negative energies, feelings or thoughts.

How is a Smudging Conducted?

Natural medicine(s) will be burned in a natural vessel – clay bowl, abalone shell, etc.

A feather or hands are put in the smoke which is then brought onto the body;

Participants may remove any metal (rings, watches, glasses, etc.) prior to the smudging.

Open House - September 19th

Students and families, please join us!

Picture Day

PICTURES for staff and students will be taken on Tuesday, September 12th.

Watch student annoucements for ordering information.

FWJ Class of 2017


We are so proud of all you have accomplished!


Wildcats in the News

To celebrate their graduation, the FWJ Class of 2017 paraded through the hallways of Judge Bryant, George Ferguson, Glen Elm and Henry Braun elementary schools on June 28th.  To learn more about the first annual grad walk, click below and visit our Instagram page.





Final Exam Schedule


Monday June 19  Tuesday June 20  Wednesday June 21  Thursday June 22  
 P1 Exam - 9:00  P2 Exam - 9:00  P4 Exam - 9:00  P5 Exam - 9:00  
   P3 Exam - 1:09      


CRP Exam Schedule

 Tuesday June 20th  P2/P3 exam: all day.   10am-3pm

Wednesday June 21st: P4/P5 exam: all day.   10am-3pm

Thursday June 22nd: No CRP exam.



CRP busses will pick up students usual time in the am and return the usual time in the pm.  NO BUSSES WILL RUN AT NOON TO DROP OFF OR PICK UP.

Mini-Tipi Raising

FWJ students participating in the mini-tipi raising contest.



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