Smudging in Schools


What is Smudging?

Smudging is a cleansing ceremony practiced by Indigenous peoples;
People smudge certain regalia, such as drums, themselves, room/area, and other items;
Participation in smudging is voluntary – if you do not wish to or are unable to
participate in smudging, you may step back or not stand up.
One or more of the natural plant medicines are burned: Tobacco, Cedar, Sage, and Sweet grass;
Smudging happens when hosting an Aboriginal community event, meeting and/or inviting Elder(s)/Knowledge Keepers or Aboriginal artist(s) to schools.

Why is a Smudging Conducted?

To bring about a sense of grounding, direction and connection;
To see, feel, think and act with clarity;
To help create a positive mindset;
To cleanse/purify a person, place or object of negative energies, feelings or thoughts.

How is a Smudging Conducted?

Natural medicine(s) will be burned in a natural vessel – clay bowl, abalone shell, etc.
A feather or hands are put in the smoke which is then brought onto the body;
Participants may remove any metal (rings, watches, glasses, etc.) prior to the smudging.

November Perfect Attendance

Congratulations to the 97 Wildcats with perfect attendance in November and the   Wildcats who have had perfect attendance all year.


Aaman P

Cory H

Jessica F

Maryam T

Sangay T

Adam C

David T

Jiayi L

Mathew S

Serenden W

Aditi M

Desteny D

Jieying L

Matthew W

Spencer P

Alexander W

Eh Nyaw W

Jordyn K

Matthew W

Stacey C

Alyssa B

Eli R

Joshua V

Melina A

Stephen W

Alyssa H

Emily L

Joshua W

Miao Q

Steven G

Alyssa W

Emma W

Jullianna B

Miles K

Sunehpreet K

Amber T

Eric H

Karl R

Moyesh T

Taylor D

Amie U

Evan R

Keller W

Nandini T

Tha Dah E

Andre S

Faisal Bin A

Keon T

Navdeep Kaur S

Tyler K

Austin B

Gabriel V

Kevin R

Naveen R

Tyson H

Bao C

Gage B

Keyan D

Nicklaus H

Vandna R

Blake C

Hailey R

Keygan H

Nikhil S

Veronica H

Brendan Y

Harmanpreet K

Kiara Z

Nikola L

Vincent W

Carter M

Isaak E

Lisa H

Purnima A

William Y

Chelsea B

Jacob L

Logan G

Raniya N

Yizhan H

Cindy C

Jacob P

Lukas C

Rebekah T

Zachary D

Colby J

Jamieson N

Lydia N

Richard N


Colin T

Jamila A

Lynden W

Riley K


Colton H

Janvi B

Makaela S

Rownak C



This week our Throwback Thursday takes us to 1987.


It was a big year for hair.  #somuchhairspray #didjohncusackgotoFWJ





Annual General Meeting

Guidance Information

  Counselling and Guidance Services

F.W. Johnson's Student Services Centre has several purposes; however, its primary purpose is to help students with their educational goals through helping them with challenges and setting goals towards their future.  Ms. Sara Randall and Ms.Traci Cleveland, your guidance counsellor's, can be available as per appointment for individual brief intervention counselling, vocational counselling, and educational counselling.  Students may drop into the guidance office to speak to a counsellor, speak to their JAG teachers, a classroom teacher or arrange in person for an appointment.  This personal counselling is considered private and confidential.  The Counselling Centre is open during school hours.

Students are encouraged to make appointments: to examine educational, vocational, and personal information, read pamphlets on social issues and health issues; to browse through university calendars; to read career pamphlets; to explore opportunities for scholarships and awards; and to look at other materials always on display.  Every effort is made to keep the material available in the office up to date.

Sudents who are having academic problems are encouraged to see the counsellors to help them improve work and study habits.

Students planning to proceed to a post-secondary institution would be well advised to discuss their goals with a school counsellor early in the school year.  Students need to ensure that their high school program is planned to comply with the entrance requirements of the post-secondary courses which students are contemplating. Each student in our school has been encouraged in JAG to become familiar with career, work, post-secondary opportunities, as well as create a career portfolio, resume and cover letters through myBlueprint  and a variety of other websites. This research and connection with guidance is extremely important, as there is a great deal of variation in regard to entrance requirements at the various post-secondary institutions, and these change each year.

Students are also encouraged to come in if they are having issues in their personal life that they would like to talk through. We work with students and support them as well as we refer to many specific community counselling agencies. 






Mrs. S. Randall

(306) 523-3353


Ms. Traci Cleveland

(306) 523-3354
















Student Annoucements - Thursday May 16, 2013

Radiothon Information

Please see the attached letter regarding Radiothon information

SRC Announcements

The SRC would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the students and staff of Johnson. Your support and school spirit made this year's Johnson Athon a huge success, and will result in a new sound system for both the Auditorium and the Gymnasium.  The generosity and support shown by our community is also greatly appreciated.  Donations of merchandise and gift cards for door prizes and supplies were graciously donated by the following businesses:



Domino's Pizza

Extreme Pita

River City Sports

Shear Escape Salon and Spa






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