About FW Johnson

Johnson Collegiate, opened in September 1985, is located in the east end of Regina, Saskatchewan.  Current enrolment is approximately 580 students in grades 9-12 with a combined total of 60 teachers and support staff.

Our school has the honour of being named after the Honourable Frederick W. Johnson, a former Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan and recipient of The Order of Canada, The Saskatchewan Order of Merit and The Order of St. John.

Mr. Johnson first distinguished himself during World War II by serving as a Canadian Officer. He was overseas for five years and returned to Canada determined to pursue a career in law. He practised law for many years and was appointed “Queen’s Counsel” before becoming a Judge of the Saskatchewan Court of Queen’s Bench, where he served for 18 years, the last six as the Chief Justice of the Court.

An outstanding Canadian citizen, Mr. Johnson accepted the post of Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Saskatchewan in 1983 and remained in that office for five years. He is remembered by those who knew him well as one of the most beloved Lieutenant-Governors in the Province’s history.

He and his wife Joyce were always among the school’s most avid supporters and could be found at drama, music, and sporting events on a regular basis. He was a great man; our school is fortunate to be named after him.

To bring clarity to this statement, we rely on the actual words used by Frederick W. Johnson when he opened this school and defined the words associated with his initials. He explained:

Fortitude is the strength of character that enables you to face difficult situations with courage.
Wisdom is the ability to intelligently apply what you have learned.
Justice is the quality of being fair and honourable in all your relations with your fellowman [and woman].

We are committed to ensuring that this is an accurate portrayal of the learning environment at FWJ.