F.W. Johnson Staff

A staff of 38 teachers, 5 support staff, 5 maintenance staff and 2 administrative support staff are assigned to FW Johnson. The high quality and carefully planned deployment of the very well qualified staff are key factors in the standards achieved at F.W. Johnson Collegiate and the quality of education provided.

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School Administration

Ms. S. Fayant – Principal

Mr. C. Antonini – Vice-Principal


Administrative Assistants

Ms. L. Castle 

Ms. P. Tolver  


Facilities Personnel
Mr. G. Douglas, HFT
Mr. F. Dussaran
Mr. M. Jacobs
Mr. K. Hall


Ancillary Staff
  Ms. T. Glenister Mr. T. Hastings
  Ms. L. Ironstand Ms. C. Wilkins
    Ms. K. Yanko  


Teaching Staff
Ms. K. Andersen Ms. D. Bauche-Williams
Ms. K. Bergey
Ms. S. Britton
Mr. A. Brock
Ms. N. Cherepushchak
Ms. T. Cleveland
Ms. C. Danyluk
 Ms. T. Ellis
Mr. M. Fehr Ms. A. Fletcher Ms. D. Graf
Mr. D. Hart
Ms. C. Holinaty Mr. D. Kissick Ms. M. Kodas
 Mr. R. Koroluk
Mr. J. Little Mr. J. Lobb Ms. K. MacDonald
 Ms. R. Matic
 Mr. S. McKillop
Mr. L. Mosiondz Mr. C. Neufeld
 Mr. R. Peace
Ms. D. Pelletier  Ms. K. Persson Ms. S. Randall
  Mr. C. Renwick
 Ms. K. Rosenkranz  Ms. J. Scarfe  Mr. W. Schack
 Ms. L. Schwann
Ms. M. Smith Ms. S. Stoyko Ms. G. UnRuh
 Ms. M. Wallace
 Ms. Tracy Wharran
 Ms. A. Youck