F.W. Johnson Staff

A staff of 62 is assigned to F.W. Johnson Collegiate. There are 42 teachers, 15 support staff and 5 maintenance staff. The high quality and carefully planned deployment of the very well qualified staff are key factors in the standards achieved at F.W. Johnson Collegiate and the quality of education provided. The professional staff boasts 67 undergraduate degrees; 12 post-graduate degrees or diplomas; and, 18 certificates in specialized educational training. These facts demonstrate our teachers’ personal commitments to both their work as a professional and to life-long learning. Click on their name to email.

School Administration

Ms. N. Buisson – Principal

Mr. C. Antonini – Vice-Principal


Administrative Assistants

Ms. L. Castle  

Ms. P. Tolver   


Facilities Personnel

Mr. G. Douglas

Mr. M. Jacobs

Mr. F. Dussaran

 Mr. K. Hall



Ancillary Staff

Ms. S. Bagwell

Ms. L. Ironstand

Ms. T. Glenister

Ms. G. MacLoone

Ms. C.Halvorson

Ms. C. Mytopher

Ms. S. Hewson

Ms. D. Neel

Mr. T. Hastings

Ms. C. Wilkins

Ms. N. Herbert

Ms. K. Yanko



 Ms. K. Anderson

   Mr. J. Little

Ms. S. Baumgartner

 Mr. J. Lobb

Mr. R. Bentley

Ms. C. Matharu

Ms. K. Bergey

 Mr. M. Maertens

Ms. S. Britton

Mr. S. McKillop

Ms. N. Cherepuschak

 Mr. C. Neufeld

Mr. J. Church

Mr. R. Peace

Ms. C. Costanza

Ms. T. Quine

Mr. R. Cushway

Ms. S. Randall

Ms. C. Danyluk

 Mr. C. Renwick

 Ms. T. Ellis

Ms. K. Rosenkranz

Mr. M. Fehr

 Ms. J.Scarfe

Mr. P. Gullacher

Mr. W. Schack

 Ms. J. Hodsman

Ms. T. Trakalo

  Mr. J. Janssen

Ms. T. Turnbull

Ms. M. Kodas

Ms. G. UnRuh

Mr. R. Koroluk

Ms. M. Wallace

Mr. M. Leier

Ms. T. Wharran

 Ms. Kelli Lewko

 Ms. J. Williams


 Ms. A. Youck


Support Personnel

                                 Ms. D. Pelletier  

Ms. J. Lyons-Mouyois